iモード事件 松永真理

i-mode Event/Happening (by Mari Matsunaga)


I-mode Strategy (by Takeshi Natuno)


iモード i-mode

松永真理 Mari Matsunaga





夏野剛 Takeshi Natsuno




・榎啓一 Kei-ichi Enoki



iモード事件 松永真理

i-mode Event/Happening (by Mari Matsunaga)

1.42歳のとらばーゆ 42 years old "travail" (change of vocation)

2.圧迫面接 Pressure interview

3.議論は平行線のまま Arguments are only in the parallel line

4.いきなり方向転換 Suddenly direction conversion

5.言葉が通じない!? Words do not lead!?

6.ホテル西洋のあやしい大人たち Doubtful adults at the hotel West

7.「クラブ真理」オープン “Club MARI” opening

8.ビジネスモデルの確立 Establishment of business model

9.都銀がのった! The mega bank rode!

10.「iモード」誕生 “i mode” birth

11.NYでザガットを口説く Persuade ZAGAT (Restaurant guide) at NY

12.eメールを電話感覚で e-mail with telephone feeling

13.端末が間に合わない! The terminal is not in time!

14.たった7人の記者会見 Press conference only with 7 attendants

15.ヒロスエ作戦 "Hirosue (famous young actress)" maneuvers

16.発売までのカウントダウン Countdown to sale

17.マタニティ・ブルー Maternity blue

18.最後の赤いバラ Last red rose

iモード・ストラテジー 夏野剛

I-mode Strategy (by Takeshi Natuno)

About the Author.

Foreword to the Japanese Edition.

Foreword to the English-language Edition.

Color Plates.

1 Success. 成功

IT Businesses Grow far More Than Expected or do not Grow at All.


i-mode: Born with a Sense of Crisis.

Evolution of a Text-Based e-Mail Culture.

Beyond Talk.

New Services Emerge.

A Business Model the Wired Internet Cannot Support.

All Eyes on DoCoMo.

2 Concepts. 理論

Why Has Our Success in the IT Business Been so Overwhelming?


Differences in Platform are Meaningless.

Why is the Win so Overwhelming?

Life Today: Complex Systems.

3 Practice. 実践

Most People are Conservative; They Reject What Seems too New.


DoCoMo’s Role: Two Points Only.

Sharing the Revenues Matters.

Keep Service Providers Motivated.

What is Internet-Style Marketing?

Finding i-mode Champions.

4 Alliances. 提携

Win–Win Relationships.

「WIN-WIN」の関係 - リスクを共有するパートナーとは、利益も共有する

Different Industries, Different Types of Alliances.

Alliances with Broadcasters.

Seamless Links between Mobile and Fixed-Line Networks.

Future Plans Call for Adding PC-Internet Users.

Point & Mobile Strategy and Convenience Store Alliances.

Printing: Our Next Project.

Alliances to Strengthen Electronic Settlement.

5 Effects. 波及

A Team of Individuals Working with the Same Ideas, Hand-in-Hand, is Stronger Than One Following a Single Boss.


The Information Convenience Store and Gemlike Specialty Sites.

More Corporate Subscribers than We Had Expected.

Motorcycle Couriers and Exit Interviews.

Self-Organization in Off-the-Shelf Software.

Another Effect of Adopting HTML.

A Fast Conversion from a Telecom to an Internet Company.

An Organization of Empowered Individuals is a Far More Powerful Organization.

Accelerated Mobile Phone Evolution.

Like the Auto Industry in the 1980s.

The Media Rush.

Word of Mouth: Self-Organization among Individuals.

6 The Future. 未来

Emergence and Self-Organization on a Global Scale Gives Rise to Greater Positive Feedback.


The IMT-2000 Age is Drawing Near.

Seconds of Real Enjoyment.

Striking a Balance between Subscribers and Service Providers.

e-Money from Mobile Phones.

Alliances with Home Appliance Manufacturers: Another Possibility.

For Export: Our Business Model.

Appendix 1: History of i-mode.

Appendix 2: Proposal for the Basic i-mode Concept.

Appendix 3: The i-mode Menu List.

Further Reading.

Afterword to the Japanese Edition.


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