Omedetou! Congratulations!

Günter Müller

Congratulations on 60 years birthday

( A message from friends, Takaya and Hisako in Japan, to Günter )

We first met more than 20 years ago.

At that time, we were very young.


"Guenter" "Muller" in Japanese pronunciation, means "Gunta (Military, the first strong man)" and "Miura ( three-side surrounded by sea, where KAMAKURA was the first SAMURAI Goverment city)."

Anyway, Guenter means the strongest man, as such;


And he is a philosopher ............


But, even a great man ........., it is half of ........., wonderful woman..........


In Japan, the 60th memorial birthday, (strictly speaking, the 61th KAZOEDOSHI birthday) is called the "KANREKI".

It means that five cycles of the Chinese zodiac have completed and "return back to the first age", or "return back to baby."

In some sense, KANREKI means "rebirth", "reborn ", "re-start the second life", .....

So, Guenter, Let's start again with baby's or Young mind!

Lastly, as you may know, "Endo" means "Inner" .....,

By sharing wonderful experiences with Guenter family and students, we learned the importance of Continuous Inner Life Innovation..........and enjoy life.

Thank you, and Congratulations!

From friends for ever!

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