For young engineers:

"The Importance of A Very Small Awareness:

From UI to UX, and to Innovative Activities"

An idea sharing and emerging field "Ba" of You and M-SAKU Networks


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CHI2008 Reporting Meeting

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"From UI to UX, and to UX Management as the Key Issues of the Future Corporation Managemet"

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Learnings from Innovative Experience Activities of

To Find out Hidden Needs through Observation of Everyday Actions (Applications of Ethnomethodological Methodologies)

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(1) Introduction: A Very Small Awareness, Experience, Touch Origines

    • A Very Small Point

    • Phenomelogical Self Observation

My Experiences; I met and disscussed some origins and ......

(2) Human, Technology, and Society: UI, UX, ....

(3) Activities of M-SAKU Networks

(4) Questions, Future Co-emergence



I would like to talk to young engineers,

"The Importance of A Very Small Awareness; From UI to UX, and to Innovative Activities"


A very Small Awareness among Human and Artifact created User Interface idea, and then, A Very Small Awareness from UI created User Experience idea, and developed today's business tide; for example, Amazon, Google, iPhone, and Web2.0. And then A Very Small Awareness in that tide, people realized the impotance of Everyday Activities, and developed some methdological ideas, such as Human-Centered Design (HCD), Activity-Centered Design (ACD), Community of Practice. I have been in these historical stream. In my talk I would like to share my experiences with young engineers by giving some small examples of awareness. And co-create future directions of our collaboration.....

And I am very happy if young engineers can share the feeling of exciting and wonderfull engineer's way of life itself.



Relating to topics of CHI2008, I would like to talk about a today's key word "Experience", which is emerged from CHI People's Activities.


Before 080617

(More than 40 years streams of experiences)